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controindicazioni di eco slim

Make sure to connect Mains cable to compliant AC mains socket with Grounded earth pin. Except for devices which are not grounded on earth. Otherwise possibility you may be electrocuted or injured. Insert power cable plug completely into wall socket otherwise if not secured completely into socket, fire ignition may break out.

Ensure the power cord does not come into contact with hot objects such as a heater. This may cause a fire or an electric shock hazard. Do not place a heavy object, or the product itself, on power cables.

Otherwise, this may result in controindicazioni di eco slim or electric shock. Do not place the product where it might be exposed to dust. This may cause a fire hazard.

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Bend antenna cable between inside and outside building to prevent rain from flowing in. This may controindicazioni di eco slim water damaged inside the Product and could give an electric shock. This plug must remain readily attached and operable when TV is in use. Do not touch the power plug with wet hands. Additionally, if the cord pin is wet or covered with dust, dry the power plug completely or wipe dust off. You may be electrocuted due to excess moisture.

Otherwise, this may result in injury or damage to the product. Otherwise, this may result in fire due to over-heating.

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Do not put or store inflammable substances near the product. Do not drop metallic objects such as coins, hair pins, chopsticks or wire into the product, or inflammable objects such as paper and matches. Children must pay particular attention. Electrical shock, fire or injury can occur. If a foreign object is dropped into the product, unplug the power cord and contact the service centre. Anti-moisture material is harmful if swallowed.

If swallowed by mistake, force the patient to vomit and visit the nearest hospital. Additionally, vinyl packing can cause suffocation. Keep it out of the reach of children. Do not let your children climb or cling onto the TV. Otherwise, the TV may fall over, which may cause serious injury. Do not spray water on the product or scrub with an inflammable substance thinner or benzene. Fire or electric shock accident can occur.

Do not allow any impact, shock or any objects to fall into the unit, and do controindicazioni di eco slim drop anything onto the screen. You may be injured or the product can be damaged. Dispose of used batteries carefully to ensure that a small child does not consume them. Please seek Doctor- Medical Attention immediately if child consumes batteries.

Never touch this product or antenna during a thunder or lighting storm. You may be electrocuted. Additionally, do not touch the power cable right after plugging into the wall input terminal.

Depending on model Never touch the wall outlet when there is leakage of gas, open the windows and ventilate. It may cause a fire or a burn by a spark. Contact the service centre for check, calibration or repair.

If any of the following occur, unplug the product immediately and contact your local service centre. Otherwise, this may result in perdre du poids le soir, electric shock, malfunction or product deformation. Never Disassemble the AC adapter or power cord. This may result in fire or electric shock. There should be enough distance between an outside antenna and power lines to keep the former from touching the latter even when the antenna falls.

This may cause an electric shock. Apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the apparatus.

Do not install this product on a wall if it could be exposed to oil or oil mist. This may damage the product and cause it to fall. Do not install the product on places such as unstable shelves controindicazioni di eco slim inclined surfaces. Also avoid places where there is vibration or where the product cannot be fully supported.

Otherwise, the product may fall or flip over, which may cause injury or damage to the product.

If water or another substance enters the product like a AC adapter, power cord, TVdisconnect the power cord and contact the service centre immediately. If you install the TV on a stand, you need to take actions to prevent the product from overturning. Otherwise, the product may fall over, which may cause injury. If you intend to mount the product to a wall, attach VESA standard mounting interface optional parts to the back of the product. When you install the set to use the wall mounting bracket optional partsfix it carefully so as not to drop.

We recommend that you maintain a distance of at least 2 to 7 times the diagonal screen size when watching TV. If you watch TV for a long period of time, this may cause blurred vision.


If not installed by a qualified technician, this may create a fire hazard or an electric shock hazard. When connecting external devices such as video game consoles, make sure the connecting cables are long enough. Otherwise, the product may fall over, which may cause injury or damage the product. Do not use the power plug for switch. It may cause mechanical failure or could give an electric shock.

Please follow the installation instructions below to prevent the product from overheating. Only use the specified type of battery. This could cause damage to the remote control.

Do not mix new batteries with old batteries. This may cause the batteries to overheat and leak. Batteries should not be exposed to excessive heat. For example, keep away from direct Sunlightopen fireplace and electric heaters. Do not place non-rechargeable batteries in charging device.

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Make sure there are no objects between the remote control and its sensor. If this occurs turn off lighting or darken viewing area. Otherwise, this may result in fire.

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Take care not to touch the ventilation openings when watching the TV for long periods as the ventilation openings may become hot. This does not affect the operation or performance of the product. Periodically examine the cord of your appliance, and if its appearance indicates damage or deterioration, unplug it, discontinue use of the appliance, and have the cord replaced with an exact replacement part by an authorized servicer.

Prevent dust collecting on the power plug pins or outlet.

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Pay particular attention to plugs, wall outlets, and the point where the cord exits the appliance. When moving the product, make sure you turn the power off first. Then, unplug the power cables, antenna cables and all connecting cables. The TV set or power cord may be damaged, which may create a fire hazard or cause electric shock.

Do not press strongly upon the panel with a hand or sharp object such as nail, pencil or pen, or make a scratch on it, as it may cause damage to screen. When moving or unpacking the product, work in pairs because the product is heavy. Otherwise, this may result in injury. Avoid touching the screen or holding your finger s against it for long periods of time. When cleaning the product and its components, unplug the power first and wipe it with a soft cloth.

Applying excessive force may cause scratches or discolouration. Do not spray with water or wipe with a wet cloth. Never use glass cleaner, car or industrial shiner, abrasives or wax, benzene, alcohol etc. Otherwise, this may result in fire, electric shock or product damage deformation, corrosion or breakage.

Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any controindicazioni di eco slim, such as power supply cord or plug is damaged, liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus, the apparatus has been exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate normally, or has been dropped.

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This is normal, there is nothing wrong with product. When unplugging the cable, grab the plug and unplug it, by pulling at the plug. The panel is a high technology display product with resolution of two million to six million pixels. This does not indicate a malfunction and does not affect the performance and reliability of the product. This phenomenon also occurs in third-party products and is not subject to exchange or refund.

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Accumulated dust can cause mechanical failure. Displaying a still image e. The warranty does not cover the product for image sticking. Also, if you watch the TV at a ratio of for a long time, image sticking may occur on the borders of the panel.

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This noise controindicazioni di eco slim common for products where thermal deformation is required. It varies depending on the product.

This phenomenon occurs due to the characteristic of the panel. It is not related with the product performance, and it is not malfunction.

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Viewing 3D contents for a long period of time may cause headache, dizziness, fatigue or eye strain. Double images or discomfort in viewing may be experienced. It is advised to take frequent breaks than the average adult.

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