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As a result of the protection of the environment, the management of smaller numbers of radiation 15 min brûle les graisses zuzka assumes a more predictable and more specific role confined to accidents in nuclear energy projects, industry, technology and science.

Recent experience of the consequences of accidents in nuclear power plants, in the field of radiotherapy and in the disposal of radioactive waste and spent fuel, present the medical and scientific communities with formidable problems if such events are to lead to minimal adverse effects on the biosphere.

Whereas it is not possible to predict a nuclear or radiation accident, radioprotection is hardly an issue of health science alone, but rather an issue of the strictest quality assurance in all aspects of the utilization of nuclear energy and ionizing radiation.

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Thus, the medical community concerned with radioprotection will have to confine its emphasis on the management of radiation-induced alterations of the human organism from acute radiation syndromes to the stochastic concepts of chronic alterations of radiosensitive organic systems.

Current multidisciplinary research in the field of radioprotection involves all aspects of basic and clinical research ranging from the subatomic mechanisms of free radical formation, macromolecular and intracellular radiation-induced alterations, biochemical and physiological homeostatic mechanisms and organ level manifestations to the clinical management of radiation casualties in a controlled hospital environment.

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Radioprotective agents, although widely studied in the past four decades and including several thousand agents, have not reached the level of providing the field of medicine with an agent that conforms to all criteria of an optimal radioprotectant, including effectiveness, toxicity, availability, specificity NASA Astrophysics Data System ADS Weiss, J.

The need exists for compounds that will protect individuals from high-dose acute radiation exposure in space and for agents that might be less protective but less toxic and longer acting. Emphasis is placed here on the radioprotective potential of selenium Se. Both the inorganic salt, sodium selenite, and the organic Se compound, selenomethionine, enhance the survival of irradiated mice 60Co, 0.

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Survival after Gy exposure was significantly increased only after selenomethionine treatment. An advantage of selenomethionine is lower lethal and behavioral toxicity locomotor activity depression compared to sodium selenite, when they are administered at equivalent doses of Se.

Sodium selenite administered in combination with WR, S 3-aminopropylamino ethylphosphorothioic acid, enhances the radioprotective effect and reduces the lethal toxicity, but not the behavioral toxicity, of WR Other studies on radioprotection and protection against chemical carcinogens by different forms of Se are reviewed.

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As additional animal data and results from human chemoprevention trials become available, consideration also can be given to prolonged administration of Se compounds for protection against long-term radiation effects in space. La planifi-cation préalable des soins inclut le processus relié aux discussions sur les traitements essentiels au maintien de la survie et la détermination des objectifs des soins de longue durée.

Le présent document de principes vise à aider les dispensateurs de soins à discuter de la planification préalable des soins des patients pédiatriques dans diverses situations.

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